About Teriell

I am Sebastian (aka. Teriell) from Germany, born 1980: creator of things.

Ramp-Up Phase

As a child I started drawing, got addicted and never stopped. In the 90’s I started with painting (mainly acrylic and oil paintigns) and in the late 90’s I explored more and more digital opportunities for my work connected to the rise of the new media toolbelt. Today, I work with code and AI as well.

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Process first

I believe in experimentation, exploration, innovation and change. Art is a living thing to me, not decoration. That’s why I don’t want to get stuck in unlimited specialism or formal consistency. In consequence, my work is process-driven, not artwork-driven. The output of my work (e.g. a single visual image) is a by-product of my doing. It’s the consequence, not the purpose.

Builders need to build

My professional background is connected to Computer Science, I am self-employed and support clients / partners as Freelance Product Owner / Product Manager. I try to help in the process of shaping and building new digital products. Besides this, I build tools and websites with modern web technologies.

Following the white rabbit

My tech curiosity led me to the blockchain technologies and in early 2021 I jumped into the NFT train. That experience granted me a little extra boost of creative motivation and during the following two years I created hundreds of works (different media / techniques). My current range includes the work with ‘AI’ as well, as it’s a very interesting addition to the toolbox. A new space to explore and different kind of animal compared to pen and paper. My feeling is, that artists, builders and creators simply have to explore this new field, as it will for sure have a huge impact on the human being.

All in all

What I do is working with ideas, crafting possibilites and shaping and exploreing new horizons with the tools at hand. I am a generalist creator, nothing more and nothing less. This site is about my artistic output. Have fun :)