HEN GEMS 1 Exhibition

I collect NFTs as well. Some gems of my collection are sometimes presented in virtual galleries. Please visit HEN GEMS 1 on oncyber.io to explore a curated selection of artworks I collected via Hicetnunc. The HEN GEMS 1 show shall introduce various styles in the current NFT space, of course based on my own preferences as collector. Please visit and enjoy :)

Overview image showing various old paintings and scribbles, by Teriell

A current pic

One of my latest digital drawings: ‘Bafflement Factor 3’

You can collect it » here

Overview image showing various old paintings and scribbles, by Teriell

I am now a trading card!

That does not happen every day, I guess … Nice initiative by @Yard_OwlsNFT, check the infos via Twitter under the hashtag #teamXTZ


About Me

Overview image showing various old paintings and scribbles, by Teriell

I’m Sebastian (aka. Teriell) from Germany, born 1980. As long as I can remember I was always doing things like drawing or working on ideas. In very simple words - that’s what I do, creating ideas and shaping them with the tools at hand.

In a natural consequence I always was grounded with one foot into creative disciplines and with the other in conceptual or engineering-like fields. I am interested in various subjects and different formal challenges. A reduction would not feed my appetite for experimentation and exploration. I guess, many collectors (in the NFT space) struggle with the variety of ‘my stuff’, since I do not aim for ultimate consistency and do not work on a primary subject. This makes it harder to predict the outcome of what I do or to have a clear opinion. Even though, on a meta-perspective, I work 100% consistently towards my target setting.

But still, there are some pattern one could recognize. Formal and subject related anchor-points perhaps. Then there are some paradigms which can be identified through my creations … for instance: curiosity over technical perfection. Or: process over a single output. It’s fair to say that I do not chase my opus magnum as digital creator, but I try to stay open for evolution.

If you want to know a bit more, I recommend you to also take a look into this interview on Galleseum.

Working examples, Teriell

My professional background is connected to software / product development. I work as IT freelancer and offer product owner / product management or webdevelopment related services. For more than a decade I am working in IT product roles and always had focus on conceptional and innovation related aspects of the job. Because I love to strengthen a team’s capabilities towards innovation and collaboration, I started some formats myself, like the BOGI / Battle Of Glorious Ideas. Art is the purest fields of innovation.

My technical background is of use for my creative experiments of course. Tech and Art are two of the areas which I love to combine. And in my opinion it is very important that artists of today investigate the opportunities and threats connected to this technocratic world we live in. Otherwise artists will not be fully able to explore new narratives and perspectives. Based on the blockchain technology both disciplines fall together naturally. We live in complex, challenging, but also extremely interesting times.

Always open for interesting projects & ideas

If you are interested in my work, in collaboration or if you need a creative generalist for your specific project, get in touch and let me know :) You could easily connect via Twitter.