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Most of my creations at present are digital paintings and drawings. My roots are in the analog world, but with the 90’s I got more and more into the computer-thing. I think there is no good or bad art - there is only a stream of creation. That’s what my work is about - a permanent flow of creation. Because of that, the process of painting is only one option to me. Others are product design, programming or experiments with technology (like EEG-devices, AR, Chatbots etc.). So I am not a painter, instead I would call myself creator or creative explorer.

Image dark colors, green, black. Anthropomorph study of an orchidee, by Teriell

When it comes to art, I am a huge fan of Beuys' idea of the social plastique and I love the chaotic crusade of Jonathan Meese. Many artists influenced my perception as well, like Bruegel the elder, Francisco de Goya, Alfred Hrdlicka and many more. Creative people like Alejandro Jodorowsky really impressed me as creators, too. Overall, I am not really sticked to a certain tradition in arts, formal guilde or whatsoever. I just like to explore and create the interesting stuff.

Overview image showing various old paintings and scribbles, by Teriell

In my opinion emerging technologies and art should be interwinded by default. That’s why I would say that tech and arts are no conflicting, but overlapping areas. As tech product manager and IT guy I always try to identify the new possibilities coming along with new tech. As creative, I try to not stand still and search for new forms of creation.

Virtual Galley - Teriells Dojo - NFT excibition

One new tech is represented by the blockchain and the token economy. NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are an exciting opportunity for artists and digital creatives. Despite all the buzz, hype or criticism, I am conviced that art must be interwinded with this new tech. Period.

You can visit my virtual gallery (Teriell’s Dojo) to explore an excibition of some NFT’s of mine at Cryptovoxels. Enjoy :)


Some impressions

The Citadel

Shirt shop, spreadshirt, Teriell

This Crazy Berzerk Guy

Shirt shop, spreadshirt, Teriell

The Medic

Shirt shop, spreadshirt, Teriell

Old Stuff / Digital & Analogue

I worked with Oil, Acrylics, Chalk aso. Traditional analogue drawing and painting techniques are as important as new forms of digital expression. I do not differ this …

Shirt shop, spreadshirt, Teriell Shirt shop, spreadshirt, Teriell

Where to find my stuff on the web?

I will show and offer NFT of my creations on …

Feel invited to check out my virtual gallery as well …

Virtual Galley - Teriells Dojo - NFT excibition

You will find some older profiles of mine in several places on the interweb. For instance …

Besides the above, there are some spots for potential future action, like daisie, artstation or patreon. Updates on significant activity, new links and projects will be provided!

Collaboration & Contact

If you are interested in my work, in collaboration or if you need a creative generalist for your specific project, get in touch and let me know :) You could easily connect via Twitter.