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The createBar project is about news, tools and platforms in the creator space. One special focus is on art and NFT. I started this project, because I saw that many NFT artists and multidisciplinary creators were lacking a place for their special topics.

Goodies & Hoodies

You can support creative workers like me by buying their creative stuff - of course! But this is no bazaar here! I just like to add some goodies & hoodies to the overall portfolio and love to make my own shirts. To me an artprint or a shirt is a nice extension of digital creations. I don’t want to offer a lot of merch, but I love the possibility, that a digital painting could become an artprint as well.

Gallery Print, Redbubble, Teriell

You could also check » Redbubble / teriell to get yourself a nifty sticker or gallery print.

Shirt shop, spreadshirt, Teriell

T-Shirts are always good - if you need one, consider checking out this shop.

Shirt shop, spreadshirt, Teriell

In case you need a new mask, take a look at the the monkey masks

In any case I am more than happy if you support my work with your orders!

Clean NFT

Hicetnunc / Tezos cryptoart

When I started to dive into the NFT (non-fungible tokens) space I started on Ethereum. But soon I discovered the Tezos Blockchain as a better alternative to mint my creations in a less energy-consuming and so more ecofriendly way.

HEN, hicetnunc, Teriell

My primary platform is hicetnunc / HEN. You will find many of my creations via hen.link/teriell. Many tools can be used to access those NFTs, so you also could explore my objects via henext.xyz or objkt.com.

As NFT creator it is important to me to experiment. The blockchain offers many opportunities to realize new concepts or to make ideas accessible for many people. That’s another reason, why Tezos is a suitable blockchain: based on very low transactional costs artists / creators from anywhere in the world are able to freely experiment with low barriers and to contribute with their ideas to the big global cultural mashup.

If you want to connect / collaborate with me or if you would like to follow my nft related updates, you can follow / dm me on Twitter via @teriell.

Working examples, Teriell