Heremitagium Memoriae

A hermitage of memory is a place where our (collective) memories and the evidence of our existence are kept. May they be found…

Temples of Remembrance

Long ago, when the human species was endangered to disappear from the face of the planet, drones were sent to the farthest corners of the universe. Their mission was to build organic temples which preserve the cultural memory of mankind.

About the project

This project is experimenting with narrative elements, enhanced through the usage of NFT-based attributes / traits. The images are thr result of the work with ‘AI’, more precisely generated using stable-diffusion 2.1 in a local environment. Prompts have been optimized step by step to maintain a certain consistency towards the given concept as well as a certain look. The output is curated and manually edited. The concept is another reflection of the use of AI. It is about the investigation of what we see. The ‘machine’ is trained based on our collective output and can be used to imagine a new, but biased interpretation of human memories. The buildings of Heremitagium Memoriae are similar traces of the human existence, taken out of context, planted into a world far away …

No answers, but questions

The project is not saying or answering anything. It offers a space for reflection and invites the recipient to follow individual (and collective) questions.