NFT Collections

I started to publish selected works as NFT (non-fungible tokens). For digital creators this new technology is a huge opportunity.

On » OpenSea.io you can search for teriell to find my collections. Here are some examples of the offers:

I will show / offer NFT’s on …

You can visit my virtual gallery (Teriell’s Dojo) to explore an excibition of some NFT’s of mine at Cryptovoxels. Enjoy :)


Goodies & Hoodies

You can support creative work by buying some creative stuff - of course! Here are some options …

Gallery Print, Redbubble, Teriell

You could also check » Redbubble / teriell to get yourself a nifty sticker or gallery print.

Shirt shop, spreadshirt, Teriell

If you need a new shirt - no problem. Just check this one out.

Shirt shop, spreadshirt, Teriell

In case you would like to try a new masks-style, perhaps check out the monkey masks

In any case I am more than happy if you support my work with your oders!