Never Trust Your Antimatter Homie

Digital speed painting / drawing (2021)


CANDY is a series created in 2022. It combines AI and digital painting.

oh sweet candy, let me trust your taste

A bowl full of surprises.


CANDY is a series created in 2022. It combines AI and digital painting.

oh sweet candy, let me trust your taste

A bowl full of dreams.


Combined process of AI generation (using Disco Diffusion) and digital painting.


Procreate doodle

All the cows I ate - 2 - Nellie

Mini series (2022), mixed technique between Disco Diffusion generation & digital painting

the Red Carpet Paradoxon

digital composition by Teriell 2022

This is another deconstructive work which is the outcome of different working steps. Original assets have been created with AI-tooling. The rest was a process of digital editing and painting on various layers. Similar to the work ‘Scheinriese’ the context is connected to consumerism, fashion and visual trends in the cyberpunk era. Formally the piece is about abstract pixel landscapes and the dissolving of figurative shape.


digital composition by Teriell 2022

‘Scheinriese’ is adapted from the children’s novel Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver (German: Jim Knopf und Lukas der Lokomotivführer) by Michael Ende. The (pseudo) giant Mr. Tur Tur is called ‘Scheinriese’.

The motivation behind this work was to create a super-saturated, over-the-top glitch-work showing some sort of fancy-futuristic neon fashion-deconstruction.

If you look closely, you may recognize the shapes of a catwalk. The work was called named ‘Scheinriese’, because sometimes things appear very bold and shiny, but when you take a closer look, they become smaller and smaller. The piece is not an intended comment on todays consumerism, but it would be wrong to say that it has nothing to do with it.


This is a digital oldie, the basis is a photography of a nice Orchidee. It’s a work from the 00’s. At that time I combined photography, painting and photo-editing / collage techniques.

And some people simply don’t know when it’s too late

This is an old scribble from the 00’s. The raw image was a pencil drawing I digitized and edited. If I remember right, I was impressed by the visual experience of the film Sin City (from 2005), which is based on the neo-noir comis by Frank Miller. I wanted to play a bit with high contrast and this is one of the results.


Visual grouping experiments with a sketchbook scan to playfully explore the psychology of swarm behaviour as observer / by Teriell 2021


Fusion is an older digital painting from the 00’s. It was painted in Photoshop using a simple graphic tablet (no 3D-modeling or anything like this).