Never Trust Your Antimatter Homie

Digital speed painting / drawing (2021)

And some people simply don’t know when it’s too late

This is an old scribble from the 00’s. The raw image was a pencil drawing I digitized and edited. If I remember right, I was impressed by the visual experience of the film Sin City (from 2005), which is based on the neo-noir comis by Frank Miller. I wanted to play a bit with high contrast and this is one of the results.


Visual grouping experiments with a sketchbook scan to playfully explore the psychology of swarm behaviour as observer / by Teriell 2021

Walking on the red side

A sketchbook drawing

Sketchbook - Birth of the Ultrabots

Sketchbook drawing, ink and markers, from 2021

Sketchbook scribbles

As a child I fell in love with comics. And soon I wanted to be able to draw cartoons and comic characters myself. One of the first drawing-ambitions I can remember is that I tried to copy ‘Lucky Luke’ when I was 3 or 4 years old. Because my father and my brother had quite some solid drawing skills as well they could teach me the first lessons, which was motivating as well. That’s how I got into drawing.

I do not have the ambition to create super-elaborated fine art drawings. I like the spontaneous flow, chaos and helping the characters to evolve. But it’s them who are the actors, not me. To me it’s ok to stay quick & dirty on the paper, because the pace helps to stay in the moment and in touch with the little creatures.

Bafflement Factor 3

Mixed technique - pencil drawing, digital painting